Why Attend a Youth Mental Health Retreat?

Did you know that 15% of youth (ages 12-17) reported suffering from at least one major depressive episode in the last year alone? Mental health crisis in youth is common, but yet we struggle to talk about it. So lets talk about it and how to interrupt it! 

"Day of Hope" is focused in providing youth with coping, stress management, and communication skills to manage mental health trials. Youth will develop protective factors and receive tools to help them through challenging times.  We recognize that not every family has access to mental health providers and that building strong protective factors in youth is more important now than ever.

Youth will have the opportunity to attend amazing workshops with incredible instructors and walk away with invaluable information.  

This event was created in honor of one of Seein' is Believin's youth participants who unfortunately died this year by suicide. Every youth needs to know that it is "ok" to not be "ok" and that just like any other part of the body our brains can become sick too. Many times a young person may not even know that they are experiencing a mental health issue. Many times they just know something isn't right. 


Middle School Schedule

8am-12pm  Workshops

12pm Lunch, Community Resource Fair, and Raffles

1pm Dismissal


High School  Grade Schedule 

12pm Lunch, Community Resource Fair, and Raffles

1pm-5pm Workshops

5pm Dismissal

Raffle Prizes

Each time a youth attends a retreat they are entered to win one of the following: 

PS5 (1 raffled)

 42" Smart TV (2 Raffled)

Beats by Dre (3 Raffled) 


Raffle will take place on May 27th at 1pm.

Must have attended the entire session and completed the pre and post program survey to be eligible for the raffles.


Parents must read and agree to the parental consent form before the youth is allowed to participate.
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